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Business Center
Business Center
Open your very own TikTok Business Center for agencies even if your market is closed now
Get direct support with all your agency needs with TikTok ads platform
Agency Rewards Programme
Agency Rewards Programme
Get access to closed agency incentive programmes
Get Help
Get Help
Get help with banned accounts, so you don’t have to guess why your client’s ads got blocked
New Markets
New Markets
Get access to unopened markets, so you can advertise while others can’t
Free Training
Free Training
Get free training from TikTok Ads Specialist


There are different advertising models that you can use on TikTok – CPC, oCPC, CPM, and CPV. These models are in fact the types of bidding strategies that can be used depending on the campaign goal. We will help you pick the best strategies and get the most out of your advertising on TikTok!

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WinWin Solutions is Tiktok global partner to support digital marketing agencies. We help marketing agencies onboard with the TikTok ads platform as well as support their growth to help them drive results for their clients. Through us you get exclusive deals, direct support, as well as closed agency incentive programmes.


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Valentin Savchenko

Co - Founder and CMO

Daniil Smirnov

Head of Marketing API

Anna Urban

Head of TikTok Ads Department

Jevgenia Kask Savchenko

Co - Founder and CEO

Karina Harlamova

Head of customer support

Valeria Pankratova


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